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JY1700X6 Slitting Equipment

JY1700X6 Slitting Equipment
JY1700X6 Slitting Equipment
JY1700X6 Slitting Equipment
JY1700X6 Slitting Equipment

Product Details

Place of Origin: Shijiazhuang , Hebei, China
Type: Slitting Lines
Tags: Slitting Line

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Product Description


Slitting line:
The JY1700X6 Slitting Equipment is used to cut volumed steel plates/sheets, and coils into several steel strips of certain widths and wrap into steel strip coils. The processed material, the band steel coil, is then used for cold bending welded pipe production and high frequency welded pipe production lines.

This unit comes in two different types; hydraulic  and mechanical.

The JY1700X6 Slitting Equipment is highly efficient and accurate, and consumes lower energy levels.

Product model number: JY1700X6

Cutting width: 600-1550mm

Wall thickness: 2-6mm

Cutting way: circular shear

Cutting pattern: initiative or tension cutting

Steel strip material: δB≤580mpa, δS≤350mpa, Mild steel & low alloy steel

Equipment composition:
The JY1700X6 Slitting Equipment consists of a loading machine, uncoiling machine, Unbender unit, Grip feed device, Flattening machine, horizontal cutter, centering device, rotary cutter, slitter edge taking machine, compartment and  tension device, flexible compartment and guiding device, steel strip coiling apparatus, unloading device, hydraulic station, electric control system.


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